Review: Bubble Apple E-juice + Vaporesso GTX Tank

The Chubby Bubble Apple e-juice from Chubby Bubble Vapes comes in a 60-ml glass dropper bottle, bears the brand ’s cool logo, and offers three nicotine contents to choose from.

With 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG) base, vape lovers can exhale the creepy thick steam and get a good voice.

Vaporesso GTX Tank 18 review
Vaporesso GTX Tank 18 review

If you want to chew on a sour apple-flavored bubble gum without worrying about its effect on your teeth, then you should buy a bottle of Chubby Bubble Vapes bubble apple juice. Summer green apple bubble gum tastes very balanced, so you can continue to enjoy bubble apple vape juice until the last drop.

When you inhale Bubble Apple vape juice through Chubby Bubble Vapes, this sour apple flavor will satisfy the impact of your taste buds on vape. When exhaling, the unique bubble gum flavor we already know and enjoy will soften the intensity of the fruit flavor. Moreover, those sugary flavors in bubble gum will hit sweets like anything else.

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