Snowwolf Compak 7500 Disposable Review: Experience Like A Real Cigarette

Doesn’t this uniquely shaped vape attract our attention? This snowwolf compak 7500 is like the personal handy-phone system that was popular around 2000. The four corners present a rounded arc, and the long mouthpiece on the upper right is like a PHS receiver. What’s more, this slender mouthpiece feels more like a real cigarette when […]

Snowwolf Taze Kit review – functional device Pod- format with RBA base

The Chinese company Snowwolf has recently been quite actively producing various kinds of devices, and over the past couple of months we have been able to observe at least a few noteworthy devices, among which were both box mods and Pod devices popular today. The latter at Snowwolf is especially good, as the manufacturer is […]