Miso Fifa Pod Kit : Few Puffs but Enough

If I were to use two words to describe this year’s British e-cigarette market, the first thing that comes to my mind is “hot” and “regulation”.There is no doubt that vapes are being sold rapidly all over the world, but various problems are also coming one after another.

Under this situation, TPD requires came into being to calm people’s expanding enthusiasm.Miso Fifa Kit is just such a disposable vapes that not only has a fiery appearance, but also meets cold TPD specifications.

This rechargeable disposable vape adopts a classic flat box design with a smooth and clean surface, and the three colors of red, purple and gray show a high-end texture.The concise but not simple design shows a person’s elegant taste.

miso fifa cheap kit

Miso fifa refillable pod kit seems to have many “both” labels. It is small in size and weighs a full 70g; it belongs to the category of disposable vapes prefilled with e-liquid, and it belongs to the pod that can be used multiple times kit; at the same time, it also has two “repeatable” features: rechargeable and reusable pod cartridges.

According to TPD requirements, this pod system vape is equipped with a 450mah battery and 2ml of e-liquid, although it can only provide about 600puffs, it is enough for an ordinary smoker’s day.For the people who have a relatively large demand for smoking, the empty pod cartridges can be pre-installed in advance, and then carried around, and replaced at any time. The convenience is the same as always. The small-capacity pod cartridge also makes it easy to realize our expectation of trying multiple flavors of vape juice free shipping in the short term.

In the face of new market regulations, we need compact and practical pod kits. Although Miso Fifa has a small capacity, it has complete functions, smooth smoke and can last longer. If you want to get an excellent experience, you must choose it in vapesourcing uk.

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